Saturday, 30 June 2012

Capture it now....

So many of those things
we must care to capture
before, as we've been told,
they escape--something to do with
the nature of ideas--and we'll
never again find them, or if we do,
we will as with the same palate
that took us there in the first place.

But I need to tell somebody now,
tell myself, reminder, about the day
I could have done what I'm doing now
but something I knew
dared me on, and I cowered,
perhaps not that exactly, but
I looked down then inward
and felt the small teeth of caution:
so while I'm feeling horrible
about this or that not yet accomplished
I have known too that accomplishment
that happens in public view
is not always a reflection of the failure within.

So many things, so many things:
and I hear some of you whispering:
Tell us, tells us now...
and laughing, I will pick satchel,
walk one or two steps before
I tell myself to face it....

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