Friday, 1 June 2012

Object of my affection...

On my window,bewildered,concerned
burning inside like the fiery furnace of Nebuchadnezzar.
Wondering in mind,wandering in my world,
weary about your rendezvous,
sweet consignment to your floozy,
while I'm here all alone,
alone in my loneliness,alone in miserable serenity,
I fear this might be for infinity,
being a miser scoops away my dignity...

Why and why,
object of my affection,
the treasure no pirate could ever find,
gold and diamonds of my place of love,
why have you thus retreated,
fled into her sultry and luring sheets,
cajoled into her legs that spread so widely,
but refuse to spread the gospel of morality.

Have my looks faded away that much,
like the sands of the Namib that wilt and wither,
the leaves that die into the oblivious hands off the summer dry spells,
have I lost all the looks you admired in my prime,
the looks that rose more than your temperatures when we touched,
the looks that sealed your deals in the extravagant spots,
with your business adversaries and folk,
the looks that gave you the envied spot on  the coveted luckiest husband on Earth,
the looks that made you...

Object of my affection,
I ponder these thoughts that have deprived me of good health,
essential well being,
well enough to battle other trivial matters of being alive.
I give respect to the less dignified of my kind,
ambitious in taking what does not belong to them,
with perky breasts,plump dairy bosoms,
vibrant cheap lipstick that cries take me home to your marital bed.
I respect them for daring,
doing the nasty,making it seem like child-play,
I in my extreme opposite of sobriety,
could never attempt doing such...

Wherever you may be,object off my affection,
back in one piece,or in tatters,
you will find me in our bed,
waiting though wailing,
with my band on because,
I vowed to be your better half,
till time stands still,
or death us willingly do part...

By Alex Nyasha Dube  ( Zimbabwe )


  1. omg, i totally relate to this, bet this is what of our mothers and friends go through! Thank u very much

  2. great poetry.