Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bitter love......

She whispered to the silent night
the beast that swallowed her day
left her no light, but a violent fright
an unpleasant sight
it would be
she thought
how useless her plight
would be
she fought, plenty
with all her might

an ocean she cried
to caution, she tried
her notions he fried

she is now, in fear of da dark
she frowns with each dog's bark

once she was,,, full of life
once she was fooled by lies
once she thought jewels were nice
it was milleniums ago
now jewels bruise her eyes

as pitch as the Arabian nights was her room
once upon a time, before her soul was overwhelmed by doom
she would navigate the waters of time with her groom
and he would plough seeds in her heart, suck out pollen so she can blossom into a sexy wild flower and then into passionate rose she would bloom
but with chlorophyll removed from her nucleus, those colours radiates no more hope, but gloom

how bitter-sweet that her pillow is playin her tunes like a violin, while she sings her grief away in a camourflaged rage
once her life story read like one of those "women and success" magazine, arousing interest of magnitude to the reader's eye with every page
all she has hanging on the walls of her tattered soul, are broken dreams, and an intense longing to have what she calls "just flesh and bones", packed, locked in solitary, something like a cage

is she mad that the after life is what she craves
she wondered
that she sought means to life beyond the graves
she pondered

into her beauty which, is evident fades away
she was,,, in her days,, a cuty-cuty-chicken, with a tail to sway
all she wish for now is to lend a boat, jump into sea,,,,, and then sail away

to a place where only broken souls go
its a place where they say fallen souls go

typical her
investing in a company which she had taken its projections at face-value
physical her
depending on a company which had taken her weakness into a play-venue

play venue
and play venue she was, to this actor
who played all kinds of scenes on her, amazing race, friends like this,
and fear factor
she was an enthusiastic student, and he was a mean lecture
so its his turn to learn the hard way, that knowledge he would sadly obtain in this letter

so she thought, and deeply so,,
to take a smoke before she embarks on a quest
as she thought, deeply so,,
while tying her neck with a rope,
kicked the chair,,,,,,,, and then,,,,
choked to death...

 By Pheello Michael Rasello  *Tcap Rasello*   ( South Africa )

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