Saturday, 30 June 2012

I have loved you before

I was never one to believe in reincarnation..but I know you..
I know you..
We have met before..

I have loved you before..
I know we have shared more than brief smiles and shady "hellos"
We have shared a bed together and made love, I remember that day every lover in each galaxy envied us..

I have loved you with the love so deep it turned me into a yo-yo..
I was under your spell and in you I had blissful moments..
I have loved you with the love that turned me in and out of myself and made me a better me..
For when I loved you, love allowed me to love you and see beyond the pains, heartaches and betrayals..

I know we shared much more than the air we breathe..
We have made plans, set under the sky giggling and having ice tea and a few drinks..
We have spoken about starting a family.."I want twins" you said..

I have loved you with the love that is Godly..
It had no boundaries..
It defied the laws of our land..
We had fought for it..together..
Love so unconstitutional and uncomfortable to unconventional and unconditional..
I have loved you with the love of God..

I know you..
My heart recognizes and my subconscious registers your existence..
My spirit lingers at your hearts door..
It knows you in and out..
It had visited your every fiber once upon a time..
It was the very reason you laughed and cried...

I have loved you before..
I know you..
Every feeling tells a story that was once lived through our eyes..
My mind has forgotten but my heart remembers..
My senses know you..

Yet we pass each other like the winds of the are West..I East ..
You are day and I night..
We are like the sides of the coin..

I know you..
I have loved you before
You have loved me back with the love of God..

By Thuthula Sodumo ( South Africa )

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