Friday, 1 June 2012

My Story.......

I'm not afraid to say nearly got raped!
Yes I nearly got raped!
I nearly tasted foreign lands
Forcefully you tell me you're a man
Explaining through that I should understand
Why you Blame me for my short skirts and heels
I still feel his voice in my ear
Convincing me how good it feels
And I can feel the fight in me
Like a spark to a match you don't see
The silent tears I cried relentlessly
In those pillow cases that's left me empty
He touched my most sacred entity
And my throat blocks off the breath in me!
I can't believe he had me pinned
Making me believe its my fault he caused this sin
No charts or diagrams to prove his point
A hand over my mouth to silent my voice
Like a caged animal you leave me no choice
Between fight or flight
My glasses shatter as I lose my sight
And your sheetless mattress haunt my imaginings
Closing my eyes trying to block out what's happening
By planning my escape
As your hand unclips my bra sealing your fate
Strength I never knew I had over comes me
Before you can utter how much you love my body
Which you desecrate by forcing your way
Underestimating what your god made me today
First my fists punch into your chest
And raggedly you chant, you love the fight best
My eager teeth sink into your brown skin
My nails digging deeper in
And for a moment you lost focus and I was free
That's when the blows fell on you endlessly
Aiming tiny handfuls of rage
Rewriting the story on a different page
My head hits the floor as you kick me
And I struggling to survive crawl fast enough to break free
This isn't the end of my story
Comes dawn I'll be armed better don't worry
I'll tell the world what you try to do to me
So I never hear of girls who were worse off then me
I'm a woman and I won't apologize
For the shape of my thighs
Nor will this make me dress conservatively
I won't put blame on my soul that doesn't belong to me!
My breasts will remain full for your eyes
To fill with hope, mine with regret
I won't change who I am for this
Or try take short moments to forget
As a black woman I'm strong enough not to hate you
I'll let prison and god be the punishment
For the shit you put me through
And don't mistaken my tears for weakness
Or my dislike for lust
Its men like you woman never trust
And though you've shoved your drunk fingers deep with in me
Relive that moment cherish it freely
Those moments I spent in agony
Have won you a ticket to your reckoning
Yes I nearly got raped Yet I survived
I can't see this as luck
When its no way to be alive
I don't need your sympathy
And maybe stubbornly
To some extent I do blame me
But you won't snuff the light
 And so long as there's breath in me I'll fight!

By Kayce Shingwenyana  ( South Africa )

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  1. Its sad having to re leave ths event,replaying it in ur mind.sad