Thursday, 28 June 2012

An ambitious generation...

Pushing 20
Goodbyes are messy,
 Agony guaranteed.
 The teary eyes,
 The prolonged hugs.
 The awkward urge
 To pour out one’s feelings.
 Would rather abide
 In the comfort
 Of familiarity.
 Plus there is no death
 In the cowards’ land.
 Shall I pitch my tents?

But there is adventure
 In unknown territory.
 Possibly I’ll thrive.
 A fine line
 I will walk:
 My younger brother
 Says I’m a ‘grown-up’.
 My parents
 Refuse to accept this as fact.
 I suppose
 I am right in the middle.

But the world expects
 That I will shine forth:
 The newest invention.
 A miracle prescription.
 A stubborn economic principle.
 I’m pushing 20,
 The new 30.
 My peers
 Have performed wonders.
 One a business executive
 At the tender age of 21,
 A renowned billionaire
 At only 28.

“Hurry up!
 Make a name for yourself!
 Save the world!
 If not,
 Conquer the earth!”
 The pressure is great
 -Yet I must proceed.
 Let’s make
 Our thrilling fortunes
 But they might crumble.
 Should I hasten
 The work of Time?

Make hay I will
 Yet the harvest
 May delay.
 I will be an adult.
 I will struggle,
 I will sow,
 I will sweat.
 I will earn
 My maturity.

I’m pushing 20.
 Prove myself
 I must.
 This is
 An ambitious generation.
 But a hastened fortune
 May disappear in a day.

By Tebogo H. Ndlovu  ( Zimbabwe ) 

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