Thursday, 14 June 2012

Smiling again....

I keep seeing distorted pictures of my past
I look away and pretend not to see
Nevertheless the mirror facing me shows me these pictures anyway
So I look subconsciously.

Your love reminds me that I can replace these pictures
As these are not the only pictures I have,
I have other pictures from my past
The ones from my innocence where it all began
I smile as I consciously look at these pictures of my innocent past and
Realize that my innocence knows no pride!

My innocence knows that;
Fear is harmless,
It’s ok to try and try again,
When in pain-I will be comforted to feel like smiling again!
My innocence knows not how to; hold grudges, envy nor resent,
As the Child in me knows how to ask for what she wants,
‘Cos her loving Dad will give her whatever she wants,
‘Cos He loves her too much and she is spoiled.
The Child in me knows that even if He doesn’t give me what I want
at times-- I can always throw tantrums and sometimes-- I can get my way and
other times-- I cannot get my way and those times-- I can cry and pretend to be sad,' Cos of knowing that He loves me too much,
that He can quickly find something else to give me nicer than the one I asked for,
for He always wants to make me to feel like smiling again!
ByTshepi Nhlapho   (Botswana ) 
pic "innocence"  by Annick Laita from south Africa

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