Friday, 29 June 2012

Our lost past

There was a time when our friendship used to mean something
that time stands forever locked in my heart
because you were my friend.

Now time has drifted us apart
torn by the merciless tentacles of this life
distant horizons
erstwhile closest buddies.

There is a time when I wish to see you
there are moments that I long to hear your voice
there are instances I wish to hold you close
to bask in the glow of your embrace
to be that person who mattered.

Now the time has gone
leaving empty footprints
embedded in the realms of a lost past
a shattered dream
a friendship betrayed

Now the memories refuse to fade
vivid they are
unwavering in their content
making me wish
if time could be made to stand.

Lamenting over spilt milk will not help
brooding over it will hurt more
 I wish I could, for a moment,
understand why things changed
to bring us to this a phase
where it hurts
to think that I once loved you.

By Pardon Gwara ( Zimbawe )

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  1. Emotional poem this; and the photo goes so well with the words. It's literally as if the man is reflecting on the broken friendship! Last stanza is my favorite because it's absolutely heartbreaking

  2. Didn't knw friendship could mean so much to a person.Emotional piece I agree wethu "Tebo" what makes it weird yikuthi the poet is male ,its funny wen u get emotional pieces like ths one frm a male poet,iv always thot us males aren't that I love the piece.

  3. life brings us to points we never thought possible, people come, and people go.
    But when some friends leave, they break your heart, and thank you all for the comments

  4. Thats tight u still have the art of aranging one word next to the other

    1. thnx Fa, i ddnt know i cld do tht. Im humbled