Monday, 2 July 2012

A god called Death....

Time is flying
It had flown and was going to fly again
It was constant
My plight was to
Risk and danger lurked at the corner
They say it’s the 21st century
I say time has nothing to do with better
Neither does modernity, its accomplice
Death was still death
Life was still life
A thousand years ago, A man fell from a tree and died
Hundred years ago, a woman died in child-labor
Six years ago, a child was inflicted with typhoid and died
Tomorrow, there might be an earthquake
More than thousands would die
In a few years, a man would die from lung cancer
It was just how life was
In its movements, danger came
In its movements, uncertainty for the morrow
I might die this hour
Who knows?
Death does,
Its one of his tricks
He constantly lived with life,
Ironically as it was,
Looking for preys
Prancing without mercy
Making men crippled
Making himself a god
In disguise of disease, illnesses, war, accident and coincidence
It might be called ill-luck but it was still death
None has conquered him
But one will
Someday in the distant future
A time that seems non existent
Though ever still existent
Then death would no longer be a god.

By Adedeji Esther Opeoluwa ( Nigeria )
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