Friday, 29 June 2012

Letter to the most High!

Dear God..

I am utterly disappointed in your logic and sense..
I have failed dismally to look beyond everything that I have, that I had and maybe yet to have..

Just how do you explain yourself to that woman who suffers day in and out?
How do you explain yourself to that 6months old baby dying of cancer your reasons for letting her suffer?
What about that woman that has suffered day in and out for her family, used and abused what do you say to her, till this day she carries the burdens to and fro..
She prays and declares you the greatest and puts you before and after everything she does..what do you have for her? How long must she suffer huh?

What do you say to that 23 year old who has a dream, a passion, a talent when all his plans are in vain..
Day in and out he prays..he fasts..he reads the bible but nothing happens, he has endured a lot, fought a lot of battles why are you so blind to him?..
That hungry soul who dreams of a better life and goes nowhere..
That young girl who is in varsity but failing even though she gives it her all..
That intelligent lady who has passed with distinctions but can't get in cause she's poor?

The wars? Those children raped and infected by diseases by their fathers and brothers..
Some left to die after being decapitated..
How do you comfort that little boy who just got raped by his step father and that other day his uncle friend raped him too, he cried and prayed what did you do? Why did it happen again when he prayed for it? ..
That one month baby who got raped this morning in an attempt to cure AIDS what's that about?
What exactly are your reasons for this? ..

Where are you when this young lady is called a barren, beaten up by her husband because she can't carry any babies long term.. Miscarriage after the other..her in-laws hate her and yet she still praises you.
What about that woman who's womb got taken out when she really wants her biological child? What are you going to do for her?

Help me understand here..
How do you do it?
How can some have it all and yet some have nothing at all..
No air.. No nothing..
Why? What are you trying to say?
Some has it rough and their pain and suffering is never justified and some have it all, they do not know how tough life can be..
They are born with a silver spoon..
All is great to them..
Life is just a big adventure..

Blue cheese and croissants this morning with a never ending choice of what to eat..
Water, dirty water which isn't even safe to drink, you drink it you die..
The logic behind this is???
Fancy schools, cars, houses..
When others live on the streets..
Seasons change and their fate remains the same..why?
They still pray too..ten years down the line nothing's changed..

Make me understand how do you work..
How are we equal in your eyes..
That woman and man who was stoned to death because they are homosexuals..
That girl who died having a backstreet abortion..
All of this care to tell me what is it about?
That poor child who's mother is dying, who will look after her?
That disabled girl/boy with dreams and hopes and wishes? How will you help her? Are you just going to leave it? The unsung songs? Huh?

Who get's blessed by you and who gets cursed?
Who's in your favour and what do they need to do because we both know those filthy staggering rich people some of them careless about you..
We would all like to think it isn't about money, riches but we all know it boils down to whose pockets are deeper..why? Why are some deeper than the others?
And here we are day in and out pushing and praising you.. And what have we got?

Endless wars.
Unfulfilled dreams..
Empty souls..
But why? Shed some light.
You gave us inquiring minds therefore these are my enquiries no disrespect meant..
No love lost..
But just the questions..these raw heart wrenching questions?
Why? What is your logic behind all this?
In the end who wins? Who loses? Who cries? Who smiles? And why?
Those that hurt and are poor why them?
Those that are rich and happy why also?
Your logic..why?
By Thuthula Sodumo  ( South Africa ) 
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  1. you took the wind out of the sails.beautiful