Monday, 25 June 2012

X marks the spot...

X marks the indelible spot,
I laid you to rest,
love of my life.
The clouds have gone grey and weary,
and turned their backs on me,
to receive your most pure spirit.
The void you have rendered me,
has left me numb and wasted.
Only memoirs,
of the passion we shared in abundant supplication,
will forever attempt,
to bring me closure to your departed soul.
I stand on your shrine,
your final home of serenity,
to try to fathom why the earth never gets satisfied on feeding,
taking away from ashes to dust what,
me and other mourners adorned in black,
hold their most prized possession.
In this world,
you have left me,
redundant and alone,
to face its' woes and worries,
through trials and tribulations.
Now I can say with courage:
I am alone...
X marks the spot,
I come to lay this wreath in my hands.
A beautiful embellishment,
of white flowers woven together,
to remind me of your unsurpassed and surreal aura.
Let the tears I drop down in torrential rains,
fertilize where you lay and give you refreshment and life forevermore,
let them water your soul and replenish the love you gave me,
in times you and I loved to experience.
Let them give growth,
to this bouquet I lay on you,
so that is grows and covers your lovely home,
to make it your earthly paradise.
X marks the spot,
which after all is said and done,
I desire to leave not... 

By Alex Nyasha Dube   ( Zimbabwe )

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  1. a sad tale indeed,u pull off the poem in an exceptional way.great poetry .

  2. true reflection of grief

  3. Mngane wamina I will continue to say this,like wine ur poetry becomes better with evry piece.ths is purely a work of art.

  4. Thank you all very much,you most wonderful!