Friday, 22 June 2012

The seed....

When I glance at your face the moon rises
In my chest leaving me almost breathless
The feeling is a priceless like you the exquisite
Chocolate-brown pearl with glitters of gold

The magic of shooting stars in your eyes
Paves a translucent path to your soul
Kisses of bliss from your sweet soft lips
Uncage infinite butterflies in my belly
I can barely comprehend this beauty

Heavens gave birth to you on this earth
I see angelic elegance embodied in you
Your smile sends my train of thought
Above the clouds where we cuddle
In the elastic arms of the moon

Rainbow clothed, embraced by warm hands
Of the Sun, blissfully teeming with excitement
This moment is serene and filled with utmost
Reverence like Angels bowing at God's feet

To have my ears massaged by the wind
With words immaculately fused with melodies
Of humming birds telling me to nourish
This seed of love in you.I love you

By Mpoba Monyeke  (Lesotho)

first published 2012 0n the blog

photo credits:"love story" by  Bob Gosani (South Africa)

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