Saturday, 30 June 2012

Royal love....

Come to me thy love~
in the twilight hour...
let us sing silent songs with our tongues, sharing
entincing kisses~from your velvet lips~to mines
Stay and watch the sunrise ~
paint the hues of amber,
sprinkled with a hint of periwinkle~
above the crashing waves of Lake Shore Drive...

Hold me close,
softly, tender, but strong~
molding our warmth in your masculinity...
Our hearts beating  as one,
my fragrance becoming your oxygen,
as your frankicense becoming mines~
with you...and..
only you...
is where my
heart resides.

Stroll along the blue green waters 
your hands entwined with mines~
our voices being  
one another's music
inspiring poetry in motion~
moving with God's essence ~
as the birds sings...
Our chemistry plays the melodies~
we will be the romance
today's youth
only view, in ole skool

Come with me~
travel within
my eyes~
be a man bold as Moses...
peek beyond my chestnut brown eyes...
where my pupils are the treasures to a 
angelic soul~
traveling through this wicked world,
by faith
and magnifying the Lord's angels,
whom sing to me in his presence.
I'll share a glimpse~
of a euphoric acquaintance, 
your mind shall promise to repeatedly
retreat to.

I want to bathe~ in
lavender &  aloe...
skin against
My butter pecan temple welcoming your
carmel coated limbs,
wrapped around my lower body 
as we float...
mesmerized in the dishabille adornment
of a passionate love's afterglow.

I'll be your Queen,
Standing fearless & elegant
I'll be your armor against dark moons & gray skies~
The remedy to your doubts,
when the world's critic fall short
to raise their glasses,
missing a great opportunity to 
salute your crown. 

My prayers will release power of 
Esther, Sara, Ruth & Mary
sacred and intangible strength~
Always moving forward~
mapquested by biblical scriptures
journeying world wide in God's love,
evolving on amour's note~.

Come with thee thy love~
You are MY King,
I surrender to you solely...
I thank you for your forebearance~
The heavens have given me confirmation
you were customized for my rib...
It is in your diligence,
your posture aligns with the many characteristics of a 
God fearing man...
My gift of discernment 
endorses~as we the very precious~
days...and nights...
where romance concedes~
what you've confessed all the while,
whispering in my ears~
sweet truth & stimulating creativity
praising my beauty ~
externally and internally 
day in and day out~
challenging my mental,
stimulatinng one another respectfully,
bowing down...

By: Jacqueline Silva Gibson(Silva Poetica)  ( South Africa )

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