Thursday, 28 June 2012

For Him i Shall!....

Broken scenes and fragmented acts, mystical
 language,traces amid lines please communicate to him
 the contents of my life bearer and tell him i shall,
 for him i shall
break away out of the imprisonment of my humanly
That for him i shall! resist the urge of temptation from
the experiences of the coarse hair between my plumy
 feminine curves.
That for him i can learn to be selfless and make
 him earn my love without doing nothing at all
but taking me as I am.
Mystical language, make him understand that for his
 delight I can abandon mine life for ours, steer away
from being daddy's pride to
daily being Mrs 'his last name' and endevour the
capitalist relationship if his love be my
wage, if his appreciation be my reward and if his entire
being be the source of my livelihood, for him i shall!

By Lineo 'She-him' Nts'ohi  ( Lesotho )

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