Saturday, 11 August 2012

Whose power is it? .....

I have failed
I have failed myself first
I have failed God
I have failed the world.
Tears trickle down
Why did I fail?
Does it mean I am not good enough?
I need to know why I failed
I have promised to shoot myself
I have promised to put a rope around my neck
I have promised to poison myself,
On event of my failure
But I can’t bring myself to do anything
Why did I fail?
No one would understand,
That I do not have the powers to win in my hand
They have the power
They run around with so much pride
Rubbing it in my very black face
Now they have done the worst
I surely next time won’t put my fate in another’s
This is because I haven’t failed
They have failed me
Liars, they blamed me for my failure
But it is them who do not like me
But still it comes down to the fact that I have failed
The fact that I’m a failure
But I shall try again and try again
But when I try again and try again
I shall remember my fate lies in the hand of God
And I would wave my success in their face
And yes I would succeed.

 By Ope Adedeji  ( Nigeria)
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