Friday, 24 August 2012

Inspired by Daniella....

i'm falling in love with that man of yours.
Your partnership with Him,your closeness,i want that too.
I wanna lay open before Him the way that you do.
To let Him use me,&inspire me through and through.

Your happiness together.
you seem to withstand any weather.
He gives you peace within&definitely makes your life better.
Is it right for me to want what you have with Him?
Would you be willing to let me spend some time with Him?

I'm falling in love with the God in you.
It's weird'cause i thought He's the same God in me.
So either mine's a fluke or i keep holding myself back so i limit him.

I want what you have and i hope you don't mind.
I watch you display Him like a masterpiece at an exhibition.
I watch you take Him everywhere..and let him lead you.
Oh please introduce me-i promise i'll be good.
&i'll say all the right things,but mostly,i'll be honest and tell him-''hi,my name's Edwina. 

I thought i knew you,but please allow me to know you. Turns out i just knew a whole lot about you.''


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  1. Oh my gosh this is something :)

  2. masterpiece,brilliant what more cn one say!

  3. Great piece Edwina.