Monday, 20 August 2012

Once for Zambia....

‘To Dr.Levy Mwanawasa & the people of a great country called Zambia” 

We held hands in prayer
In a moment we all treated rare

And watched the skies
As we saw the Eagle rise

In the freshness of Dawn
Tears rolled down cheeks of strong and noble men
Their Hearts heavy
For the one and only Levy

We all stand in relation
One and strong for the nation
Like a tormented child hurting
With our hearts heavy
Counting our love
As we remember Levy

We pave way all
For a great soul
A good day has gone
Yet embraced by Gods Love and never alone

Deprived of Excellency,
Loyalty and Honor
Yet we sing for Zambia
So proud and free

May God remember you all my people,
My Land and the blood that flows under this black skin
Of the Zambian soil
Bless my Soul oh God, once for Zambia
And for the Nations.

By  Clement Suze ( Zambia )

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