Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Ancient Verses.....

Drumming ancient verses, 
trembling faun spirits in shame, 
drumming ancient spirits into time, 

bear-footedly trembling the ground beneath the sole in dance,
tango with the ancient.
seek not to understand but lend your eyes to understand,
let your ears feel tangoed by ancient verses,
like fog parading the air-space over rivers and lakes,
ancient verses drummed into time with tangos of the ancient,
gale forces in verses blowing trees of flesh indulgence down into trance,
saris and sarong-like depicting spiritual trans and ancient transcripts in hierarchy of time, drumming ancient verses,
tango with the ancient,
this is not just a vogue,
but an objectless shout connecting the past and the present,
aloud they beat,
embedded in those beats a message not understood by the short-sighted but those close to shore,
message drummed in verses,
ancient verses.

By Teboho Joseph Mtabane   ( South Africa ) 

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