Saturday, 11 August 2012

Step by Step.....

 My ambition is at the neck
 My dream is reaching the peak
 My future brighter than light
 Seeing light at the end of the tunnel
 Fumigating pride in a proffessional way
 Being fulminated but getting better in an official way
 Taking it step-by-step in a very slow way

 Step-by-step to the summit
 Giving myself no limits
 Dedicated to my job, fighting for my future without any permit
 Swallowing pride, vomiting doubts, believing in myself
 I'm one gregarious man, brave like a lion
 Taking this step with full concentration

 I'm Infusing the infurrating doubts, getting stronger than an iron
 Stepped-up like a transformer
 My vision getting on point like exclusive bullets
 One step at a time
 They may hate me, rate me but giving me strength with time
 Step-by-step, unpitiless, slowly but surely to the top

 Screw-driving my scripts, my mind is that kind,
 That is scrupulous, I'm scrutizing my verse
 One step at a time
 Stepladders on the left side, no short cuts
 Step by step until I step at the top

By  Sandile Victor Nkambule (Swaziland)


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