Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Mighty Helper.........

My personal assistant and decision maker
in whom I shall trust for as long as I breathe to tell it
forever bonded to my conscious self,
who is also under this majestic super power
a simulator without negativity.

My only means of choice analysis
not influenced by the so praised 'heart',
for even heart rate is controlled by you
the helper and sidekick who never tires nor falls to the sound of my call,
for he hears everythng instantly like the slightest rustle to the ears of a prowling wolf.

I am surely doomed without you
my entire system would crumble and collapse to nothing,
a walking stooge would be my namesake.
From head to toe they all praise your undoubting monarchical power,
for it is not forceful but is necessary.

A personal tribute to the mighty helper
for his undisputed domination in order maintenance
and limitless abilities in assistance,
a friend and great companion to be forever cherished.

By: Mlabane G. Shongwe ( Swaziland)


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