Thursday, 9 August 2012


*This piece is in memory of my father  Sairira Lovemore Gwara 

Sometimes things get so hard
I sit alone and wonder
could this have happened if u were still here?
for it seems no one truly cares
you did
and you died
before I could show you my appreciation.
I miss the sound of your voice
when you would send me on an errand
or just to call my name
to reassure me I am your son
I treasure the advices you gave me
I wish you were still here
to enlighten me about the mysteries of this
this crooked life
that took you from me
when we had so much we could have done
now your walk in this earth
has left footprints
stamped in my heart
I will forever cherish
the good times we had
I will let go of the bad past
and promise to be the son you always
thought i should be
I will make you proud
I will not fail you
because u were my inspiration
it is almost a year now
days come and go
the winds of time will blow
yet they will not reach that place in my heart
where everything we did is safely kept
so in my life u will always be
a mentor
a father
a friend
and my pillar of strength
I dream about you a lot
people say it is bad to dream about you
I do not know what to say
because they will never miss you the way I do
they just do not understand
neither do they acknowledge that I loved you
with all that I had
so when I dream about you
I do not put superstition in it
I know
one day I will fully understand
but for now
many months later
I still grieve for my loss
I do not know how others feel
but if they tell me they are in pain
I surely know how it feels
I miss you my father
I will miss you more
but as it is promised
we will meet one day
and I would truly smile
when you welcome me with that smile...
R.I.P. Sairira Lovemore Gwara

By Pardon Gwara (Zimbabwe )

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