Friday, 24 August 2012

Take me Home And I will Show you...

And I will show you
My strawberries
Invitingly Shapely on the outside,

Femme fatale RED.

They say do not judge 
A book by its cover
Take me home 
And I will show you what it means

Take me home
And I will show you 
The pink that belies the curves
The subtle but hysterical pink
A pink that is warmer, more inviting
Ever more pulling

Take me home
And I will show you
A pale white behind the pink
A discovery beyond another
A glowing fluorescent white
A white that lights up
From the inside out
Radiant, snowy white.

A white so white 
That if you blink 
You will miss the final layer
.a hollow space inside that white.
That rests cosily right in the centre.

Take me home
And I will show you the breathtaking beauty
Beyond the curves,
The hard ugly dimples on the outside
The femme fatale red.

Take me home
And taste the bitter sweet taste
Of my strawberries.
The beauty you can't hear
From the curves
The inviting pink you can't smell

Take me home
And see 
that this white chocolate ice cream
Coats the beauty that is ME
And Hides me and keeps me for herself.

Take me home and I will show you my strawberries.

 Gaongalelwe Mosweu (Gao Puna Gongy Mosweu) Botswana

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