Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Mr Government Man

He appears on the scene a hero the enemy he has slain
Poisoned by power,contaminated by greed he becomes a villain
Confuses the masses with speech

great demagogue 
Wows th nation young and old,christians in churches , jews and Muslims in mosques and synagogues
Corrupted by greed laces his pocket
Inflation,diseases and poverty sky rockets
To suit his taste
He tempers with the law he cuts he pastes
Those who object what he says government antagonists
Harangued by the central intelligence disappear without a trace
Possible threat to the state potential terrorists
A hindrance to this his political race
Election time comes vexes us with political manifestos
Fake promises of improving our lives in the ghetto
Things will never change they are all the same
They appear on the scene as heroes the enemy they have slain
Poisoned by power contaminated by greed they become villains.
That's Africas political tale. 

By Chris Chakwana ( Zimbabwe )

photo credits.The last king of Scotland 2007 movie.

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