Monday, 20 August 2012


Black men bleed dead on Zuma's ground
No more to hear the piercing sound
Of white man's bullets flying by
Nor shake their head, or breathe a sigh!

So I ask, are we still slaves?


Once and again on running track
Bolt beat them all, a tall man black
And did you not all clap with glee
For all the watching world to see?


Black Barack kid from Kenya's hill
He rules sure at Capitol Hill;
Did not your wives and young'uns
Blow loud for him the victory Horns?


Did not black Ben with coal like skin
Make a miracle no eyes have seen?
Did Ben not share the Binder boys
And let them both to pick their toys!


I'm sure you know Emeagwali
And sure you fear the black Ali.
What would you say of Luther King
Or Soyinka of whom we sing?


Would Maya Angelou not weep
And Stevie Wonder purse his lips?
What would you say to Jesse Jack
And every great one with skin black?

Please tell me, are we still slaves?

*a tribute to the senseless Marikana killings

By Kukogho I Samson (Nigeria )

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