Friday, 6 July 2012

A wonderful day

I had to go see the doctor today.
 Standing on a library ladder,
 The corner of a book
Caught my head.
 …A sore lump
 Relates the rest
Of that story.

 Into the mid-ninety degree day,
 A sprint to
 A mid-day appointment
Left me in chance-medley.
 I arrived behindhand,
Smelly and unkempt.
 Who wants to hire
A disorganised character?

Having lost my job
 Before I even started,
 I headed home
 Head hung,
Completely ill-humored.
 The plumber came running
 Out my front door
 Drenched in precious water,
Confessing his fault.

A problem
 He aimed to fix
 He worsened.
 Now my house
 He quite flooded.
 I am a strong,
Tenacious citizen.
 I don’t complain
 I find a solution.

So I pick up the phone
 In search of my brother
 The excellent plumber
 I disagreed with
Just last week.
 “Your brother is out,”
 Or so his wife claims.
 He got a promotion;
 They are moving to LA.
 Why don’t I
 Know about this?
 “Because you two haven’t been
 On speaking terms,
Of course!”
 Suzanne quips.

She sounds
Inappropriately triumphant.
 -She never liked
Me much.
 Time to throw in
The wretched towel.
 Let’s call it
 A write-off,
 An evil 24 hours
 I say.

But incontinently
 You show up
 Donning a warm
Summer’s day smile.
 One thing
 Have I noticed.
 All that is disagreeable
 Flees whenever
 You turn the corner.
 All that is unexceptional
 Dulls when you
 Take your seat,
Next to mine.

We haven’t talked
In a pretty long while.
 “Busy, busy, busy,”
My standard excuse.
 But now
 Here you are.
 And suddenly,
 This past 24 hours
 Has been the
 Best day of my life…

By Tebogo Ndlovu  ( Zimbabwe )

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