Wednesday, 11 July 2012


If thoughts could leave invoices on the face of the bearer,
then you would understand how much I think of you.
If contentment was measurable like mass on scales,
then you would understand how happier I become by just seeing you.
If you could count all the stars in the sky and multiply the number by ten,
then you would understand how my heart accelerates every minute I converse with you.
If chests were transparent, then you would see how glowing my heart is when you are next to me.
If milk supplies calcium to bones,
then your warmth supplies liveliness to my soul.
If religious devotees meditate three times a day,
the my devotion overlaps the hands of time.
If emotions could be archived,
then you would see through my eyes from the day I first saw you.
If fairies roamed the earth-space in tales,
then you parade my thoughts everyday till this present time.
If only you knew how much my heart yearns for you,
then you would know how much I love you...

By Teboho Joseph Mtabane   ( South Africa )

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  1. Lovely, romantic poem. Great analogies too

    1. I'm Honoured by your comment TebogoNdlovu

  2. Indeed a lovely poem, u have a way of bringing the love in people