Monday, 16 July 2012

Letter from the other side

I am that seed that was denied the chance to
That cock early morning did not crow,
the fifth wheel terminated without my will.
I am the child you aborted
that child you denied the warmth of your
womb,tenderness of your breast
that child you relegated to the tomb.
But No! I refuse to rest,
because am that child whose loss you didn't grieve.
That child you denied the right to live.

Am the child you obliterated,mercilessly
annihilated,callously incinerated
am the soul who's life you separated
that child who's death you celebrated.
A product of your reckless behavior
Juvenile delinquency,"Miss know it all".
I am that sad soul you destroyed
the abortion pill you employed.
Am that being you erased,that life that can never
be replaced.

Dear mother am that child on your conscience.
Your secret yes!,but your daily torment.
Like a stain,my memory will ever be your daily pain.
Am your mental anguish,disposed of me like
rubbish you selfish being.
I am the life that could have been.

Quickly erased deprived of the right to see the
Am that child who hopelessly lost his life without a
I pour out my heart as I write that which you don't
want to hear.
I refuse to rest,No!, I shan't rest till you receive
I write this letter to you without fear
Yes to you mama,
this my letter from the other side.

By Chris Chakwana ( Zimbabwe )

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  1. this is a masterpiece
    the way it reveals how the memory of an abortion never leaves, even if u conceal it to the rest of the world