Monday, 30 July 2012

The setting sun...

The sun set today
with the sorrows of the day
born of many a year
of repeated oppression
and acceptance that, maybe,
nature ordained it so
and that who are they
to question the mysteries of creation.

Today the sun set, 
as it hath done on days gone
sinking with the last hope
of the waiting wife
as her husband approaches
with a weary heart
drenched in sadness
nothing has ever changed
nothing ever will, so he thinks, 

his pockets long to be filled, not with his cracked hands,
that bear so many years of suffering;
a living testimony of exploitation
he searches in his mind
tormented by the look on his children's faces
because that look,
that wordless sentence,
has a way of breaking his heart.

Today the sun set
slowly, taking away the pain
to give way to the long night
where the seductive snakes lie
in wait of their weak prey
for if their pockets become partially filled
with dues from a month gone
they search.....
longing to quench their accumulated thirst
in loud music
and insipid wines
to lay in the bossoms of strange women
and lose all there is to them

so when the last rays kissed the earth
in their weakness, their strength grew
to devour them,
to rob them of their selves

Today the sun set
oblivious of the pain of the old man,
and his patient wife
and the look on the children's faces
incognizant of the life of the young man,
whose life is dedicated to death;
where he beds perfumed women
and is awarded a lifetime of sickness
the sun just set
to bring back fresh pains
as it starts another month

By Pardon Gwara ( Zimbabwe  )

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