Monday, 16 July 2012

Journey Through The Mind

Words to impress & poems to last;I....
Spit the best & cause thoughts to manifest;I...
Speak my mind & what's inside my chest.
With volcanic ideas ready to blast...

My imagination's making love to fantasy.
Through its pregnancy it experiences diversity
And gives birth through the lips of Sympathy!
I mean;
A bunch of great words,sweet melodies & harsh tones.
Mother-"shesess" flows mesmerising those coming to poetry shows,'cos to quote is what they chose.
Graffitising their minds with words of the ancient gods. As they applaud,words keep moving back & forth,shuffling their thoughts.

As they try hearing what I'm quite saying
Quite frankly,words become quite heavy
'Cos quite obviously,these are the words from a member of the Living Poets Society!
Words that cripple your consciousness with one verse & creates a mess with the second verse.
You can even guess...with the third verse;it becomes quite worse!

Just like the rhythms of Big Foot echoing the drumbeats of fear;
My words tears psycological walls apart,and yeah;
My words are heard loud & clear.
Basically,I send my sympathies to you if you cannot see that it's in my nature to moonlight my path & walk freely...poetrically!

Sometimes there are rhythmic pictures flashing through the thoughts inside.
Wondering inside my mind with no place to hide.
These are the pictures whereby the great Mona Lisa smiles. But the question still stands....
What lies behind that beautiful smile?!
Now broken pieces must be reunited to get some answers.
But the chances are slim 'cos fear glances down beyond the fences of your contact lenses.
That's where I went blank;everything went blank.
I guess the butterfly effected my thoughts
And my system was enterupted by the darkness that was attracted & my mind was disconnected ofcourse. Eventually,I woke up from a journey through an eccentuated poetic mind of Sympathy!

By Simphiwe "Sympathy" Nkabiti ( South Africa )

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