Monday, 2 July 2012

Conflict of the mind...

I am idle,demotivated,stuck in a world of opportunities.
I'm moving to and fro in an endless journey backwards.
I am  idle,lost in a shell filled with veins
and covered in the soil I have been moulded from.
I am a never ending story with no chapters or words.
I have a heavy burden
tattooed in my DNA, to live better than the latter.
I am a slave to thought,to ambition,to money and endless power.
The mind is a war field,
ridden with injured pieces of thought.
At night when I lay in my bed
I become a warrior,
I bathe in the blood of my enemies: time and
I am destructive,the very reason why I am idle,
stuck in a dungeon with destiny and time.
One tear could save me from falling off from the mountain.
Yes,I need to fall so that I can rise again and mend
what has never been broken.

By   Wandiswa Ntengento   ( South Africa )

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