Friday, 6 July 2012

Is it the distance?.....

There was a time that I really missed you
that time no longer exists
when you came
nothing was ever the same
we are like lonely strangers
bound by an ancient pact
wishing if life could be different
so that whatever we did
could be washed away
by the winds of time...
I wish to hold on
to hang in there
so that
when all is said and done
truth will out
but time is a timeless treasure.

So when we meet
do not waste your words
keep them
and wait, maybe,
and only maybe
can the future have a place for them.

Is it the distance
or there is greater things
and everything in between
so where does this love stand
where does this take us
where will it end?

So those times i missed you
I do not wish to remember.

By Pardon Gwara   ( Zimbabwe )

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