Friday, 18 May 2012

To all mothers

To all mothers who have always
been there.
Through thick and thin, dark or
Bearers of peace, love and care.
The world is what it is, because of

To all mothers who disappeared
from the eyes of the earth.
On behalf of your children, i
acknowledge your worth,
Even though before our presence,
you were stolen by death.
Thank you so much, for you
managed to give birth.

To all mothers who lost their
You cried tears that fell on the
ground and never dried.
The loss of your child was for a
spiritual reason.
They were destined to serve the
heavens, they never died.

To all mothers that dumped their
Hoping that some how they'll be
saved, to a better path to destiny.
Know that your sons and
daughters are okay, they are now
gentlemen and sweet ladies.
One day you'll meet, one day you'll
smile for you'll be together for

To all African mothers of the soil.
Who faught for the struggle.
Through difficulties, pain and
know that it didn't end there, for
the struggle continues, thank you.

To my mother, my star, my queen.
My guidence, my mentor, my life,
my everything.
Thank you, for you have always
There for me through anything.

You gave me love and care,
Things that i value most.
You are strong, tough and fair,
and here's a toast.

By Makeleni Vuyani Meshack.    ( South Africa)

*art work by Chidi okoye 


  1. a great tribute to mothers .touched.....

  2. Lovely poem indeed!

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