Tuesday, 22 May 2012

These Words....

Be bold,unfold the stories untold.write wordz that makes many shiver & cold...

I wanna write wordz..
i wanna write wordz that defines my intergrity.wordz tht goes along with the remedy of sensitivity.I wanna write wordz that are not of conspiracy,but wordz that'll make people recall that these wordz were written by me Sympathy.actually,I wanna write that'll charm your eardrumz magnificently.

I wanna write wordz that goes through the airwaves straight to your essence;kinda like penetrates through mendula 'till your last thoght hardens.I wnna write wordz that'll produce the fruits of 'wow's' & 'shesesss' through the lips of tha audience;millions of populations exclaimin "this dude is brilliant!"..Wordz that heals the sick,wordz that strengthens the weak.Wordz that are so extraordinair to make you persevere;that are regarded as souvenires everywhere...

Surely,I wanna write wordz 'coz wordz are what I wanna write.but before I can write wordz I have to have wordz to write..right?! I guess I wanna write wordz that'll kidnap your mind in order to get a ransom of attention;wordz of debation.wordz that are parallel to death..that are inevitable,undodgeable & yep,untouchable..

But hey,I cannot write these wordz.
You know why?!

That's 'coz my pen ran out of ink!

By Simphiwe Nkabiti   ( South Africa..)

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