Tuesday, 22 May 2012


if brightness the sun should ever lack
and all the stars we see turn black
even if the moon refuses to shine
and two o'clock is as dark as nine
i will never budge from your side
you alone gives me warmth on my inside
I'll rather have your glittering eyes
than all the host of stars in the skies

if one day we have rain as red as blood
and all our seas are turned to blood
even if fire falls from this very sky
and all are killed that roam and fly
I'll still cling to the hem of your skirts
because you alone can quench my thirsts
I'll rather stay in your homely bosom
than on a bed or roses in blossom

if one day the green grasses turn brown
and no green patch be found in town
even if the fishes in the rivers all drown
and the birds ply the sky all crash down
I'll still seek your lips so full of life
because you alone are the love of my life
for your sake I'll walk through the fire
and until you're mine I'll never tire

if right now dogs begin to crow
and before me stands a barking cow
even if chickens should grow teeth
and snakes be seen to walk on feet
I'll just make tight my embrace
while i savor the beauty of your face
for i cherish the touch of your fingers
and its tinge of pleasure which lingers

come close to me, don't be in a haste
let me put my arms around your waist
come, let me eat of your sugared lips
and feel the smoothness of your hips
whisper into my ever listening ears
words which will stem my mounting fears
for today will the sun shine bright
and the moon and stars bring forth light

 By Kukogho Iruesiri Samson  ( Nigeria )

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