Monday, 28 May 2012

Blood, Tears and Pain.......

When you lie on life's back
And suddenly it dances back and forth swiftly
Dancing a terrible dance
Like trees as tornadoes sweep through them mercilessly

When life tosses you into a bottomless
Pit of hopelessness and severe darkness
As pain breathes fire into your scars,
Untouchable scars hurt the most

When life gives you no break like a victim of gang-rape
Who society blames for wearing her mini-skirt

When life squeezes you under its thorny feet just when recovery from a previous punch was an inch away

When life takes you through electric-chair execution for doing right interpreted otherwise before its jealous eyes

Remind yourself, you're not alone
Remind yourself, this too shall come to pass

Wipe your tears!

 By Sechaba 'Lyrical Bacteria'  Keketsi 2012 ( Lesotho )

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  1. well such is life.deeply moving piece i must say...

  2. and u got my tears.....