Monday, 7 May 2012


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Civil lies,
The truth they trivialize.
The truth?
In a booth we live our lives:
Trapped in fear;
Wondering on in oblivion;
Deprived confidence we self hate.
Is a state of mind
Destabilize by starvation,
Respect all, integrate
But never compromise the dark nation.

Civil lies is lies
Meant to deceive civilians,
Israelis seize lives
From wo-man to seeds of Palestinians;
And we're taught to chase passions:
Beast based patterns;
Taught we liberated
Deprived of the truth
And democracy's no majority rule;
It's a demon that's crazy
And majority it fools,
Were majority just rules
On which fool will oppress them
Now with stones they stand
Against police click
Guns clap!
The crowd split,
Demanding the delivery of services.
And in this devastating conditions
That leaves us de-humanize
We're told to BEHAVE
In a manner that's civilized

But we see their lies
In their greedy eyes
And we will burn and loot
Until we overturn the system

Cause civil lies
The truth they trivialize.
The truth?
Our woman are hooked
On medea lies

Gender equated
And then
Degraded, striped naked
For the pleasure of man.
These music videos
Are strip shows;
Behind trophies with cute smiles
They're manican who strike pose.
It's funny when sex slaves
Claim freedom:
Shackled in shame
Confined in televised brothels,
Reduced to mere sex objects
Forgot they
Mothered the kings of mortals.

And the arch deceiver (devil)
Deceived them
So they think they're civilized
But the truth is too good to be lies.
The truth?
To abuse a woman
Is to destroy a nation.
Man's first lesson
Is on the mother's lap
And that is

By Neo Thipe and Pat Phore "The Bandung Conference" South Africa.

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