Monday, 7 May 2012


There is that moment in our lives
One we cannot see with our nude eyes
A moment in carriage of great impact than we realize
It springs on you with immediate surprise

Leaping from the barriers or our existence
For its cause knows no resistance
The life span of it only to travel a short distance

That moment in alteration of everything
Though its indifference differs from each and every human being
Two people on both ends closer it could bring
And for those who taste the bitterness of its sting
Good or bad we’ve all been exposed to its thrill

In great modification of the way you think
How you connect two dots comprehend their link
That moment when you decide you won’t let life let you sink
That moment you promise to quit after the last drink
That moment you finally figure out things start from A to Zink

That moment you know you did something wrong
In that moment you know you have to be strong

You thought your lives would be better off apart
It’s in that moment you know they have all your heart

Rooted in hopes that things will get better
Attempting to put the pieces of the puzzle back together

It’s in that moment you know your life has to change
Letting go of past pains and stationary rage
That moment you set your soul free from the cage

After that moment things will never be the same
Only memories of ghost happenings remain
That moment new beginnings suddenly fame
It’s in that moment your world is reborn with a new name.

By ...L...  ( South africa )

artwork by chidi okoye..

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