Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Revolutionary writers....

It has been reverberated
By our generation that generated
The message often underrated
Within the revolutionary movement
We are revolutionary writers
Bringing enlightenment
With an element of excitement
We need not our revolution
To be televised and exposed
Read and write what is not advertised

We are revolutionary writers
We are soldiers of the light
We art what is only right
We speak from the heart
Authenticity is our art
We paint pictures of life
Only visualized in the streets

We are revolutionary writers
We are inspiration in its purest
Rawest form we speak to inform
We wear our hearts as a uniform
Portraying our school of thought
We penetrate time with a rhyme
Effortlessly Engraved on a dime
Worth more than just a penny

We are revolutionary writers
We go to war like warriors
Using pen as a weapon
Of mass distraction
We reflect self-consciousness
On broken mirrors
Inspired by the creative madness
Artistically comprehended
By the greatness
Of the mentally retarded
Who live in the streets
Of life
And fight for survival
With a knife
That marked our territory
Preserved our history
And told the story
Of our revolution with
The blood engraved on the soil
That has the same colour as our skin
We are revolutionary writers
Who speak like freedom fighters
With a tight fist in the air
Singing struggle songs with flair
We dwell in the underground
Where real soldiers are found
Where hungry minds are feed
With our poetic food of thought
Where brainwashed minds
Are declared dead
Where the thirsty acknowledge
Our Godly knowledge of life
That is as evergreen as the sedge
Found near the living water

We are revolutionary writers
We are not obsessively addicted
To the drug of recognition
That many fall prey to
We are the key the revolution
Is the ignition
We are the innovators
Of the age of realization
That gave the revolution
The mandate to change
The constitution of the nation
We are the freedom writers
That belongs to an institution
Which speaks for the voiceless
And assiduously gives inspiration
To those who are victims
Of the mental oppression

We are revolutionary writers
Disciples of mental freedom
Prophets of wisdom
Apostles of a poetic kingdom
Poets in search of colossal
Things than stardom
We are revolutionary writers
We use our sharp words
As weapons to cut through
The struggle and survive
The physical and mental abuse

We are the revolutionary writers

 By Mokhethi J. Moeketsi  " N'Script the Word "    (South Africa)

*art pic by Chidi Okoye source http://www.alibaba.com/product-free/106206393/Modern_Art_and_Contemporary_African_Art.html


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