Tuesday, 29 May 2012


#Dedicated to all those I love, but have since passed on from this Earth...

The Dirges:

Weary days

Blurry eyes

Teary times

Heavy lace

I do a death dance

In my death mask I prance

On dead dreams and revolutions

Diadems and revolving dirges

Death glances over my shoulder

Boulders crash the running moss

No time to gather the lost

No clock to ring and chime

Water and wine

Blood and bone

Time now stands quiet and still

Sands of time,

Now dance to the coroner's will

The Chants:

Topsies and turvies!

Mortuaries and cold rooms!

Corpses and songs!


Unfinished movies!

Life decisions!

Gravevines of mere confusion!

Intertwine death!

Intertwine life!

Death to the Dirge!

Death to the Dirge!

The Dirges:

But then they all leave me

All freeze me

Under the dry rain

Under the rainy desert

I remain weeping

Under the falling carpet,

I now remain alone...

By  Mbonisi P. Ncube ( Zimbabwe )