Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The script was written....

The script was written on a pelt
To tilt me to one side over the belt
Like a cult figure i felt
As if my tale had already
been written for,it read
''Rise above the storm
Like the wings of an eagle''

The script was written in the sky
Like an eagle i soar and fly
Tall over its limitations
As the wind beneath my wings
Blew away the imitations
Trying to halt my evolution
And leave it wedged
In a position of triviality
While i tried hard to deal
With its cogent reality

The script was written engraved
On a heart of a bird that raved
At my eloquent speech i craved
To possess its sharp curved
Beak as it purely paved
The way for me when it waved
With its wings to give light
In the path of my destiny

The script was written on walls
Of historic significance
Its poetic literacy read in halls
By conscious writers of substance
Reflecting words cascading like rainfalls
On books of consciousness that calls
For its authenticity to be heard and read

The script was written in the stars
Alongside the planets from mars
A poetic bird writing life
Sentences fitted with bars
Reciting vigorous poems
Heard by soldiers in wars
Carrying a message of hope
Assiduously eradicating
An injurious wind in their vicinity

The script was written by a bard
A poet laureate with an ace card
A poetically sick wordsmith
In the writers ward
Worthy of an undying award
The incessant powers of an eagle
Bird is his reward
For transmitting a valiant force
In the mind of a coward

The script was written, spoken
And heard as a special token
Of admiration for healing broken
Spirits, the beliefs have been woken
That my angelic words are reverberating
In a fiery heaven
After flying through a holy hell
That left me in a paranormal spell

The script was written by prophets
That even in Gods silent memory
Poetry and I shall remain together
High above the sky as the ether
The scripture of an Egyptian God
Blew a robust wind
Beneath my wings to keep me soaring
Above the surface of poetic prominence
I am an eagle bird of essence
A bard, a pharaoh, with a tongue
Speaking poetry depicting a pyramid
Written with words that says...
''Rise above the storm
Like the wings of an eagle'' 

By Mokhethi  J. Moeketsi   "N 'Script the Word" ( South Africa )

pic  "joyful star' source http://www.chidi.com/african-art.htm

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