Saturday, 6 July 2013

The evening sun

Half hidden behind the hills
Giving way for the night
 I cried against your hostility on our skin and eyes
And wished you away

But now that your time is elapsing
I wish you had never leave
If I could scheme a means to make you stay
To keep feeling your warmth and power

Tried looking into your eyes
To share my feelings with you
But the intensity of your rays won’t let me
As it blurred my vision and mind

As I sit here gazing at a pale you
I realize how much energy you have lost
In your effort to be the light of my day
And the heat that warms my skin

How long are you still going to stay?
Before you disappear behind the hills
To be seen no more?
A couple of minutes I guess?

Although the night is promising a full moon
With its beauty and glamour
I’m still scared of the terror
That comes with the night – that comes without you

Oh! I forgot you promised
That we shall meet by tomorrow
Oh! What joy feels my soul
As I meditate on this promise

Good bye to the sun of my life
Good bye to the warmth and vigor of my existence
Gladly waiting for our meeting tomorrow

When we shall understand each other more…

By Chika Okanya (Nigeria)

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