Monday, 8 July 2013

In the melting pot of your words - The man in the chair

Who am I?
The dull, the drab, the magnificent,the great...?
Who am i really?
The quirky, the simple, the happy, the normal...?

Is who I am what the world sees?
Or is who I am what I do not let them see?
Is who I am trapped within me?
Or is who I am being forced to stay within me?

Hush now ask who am I and bother me so
Hush now only confuse me and whither me so
Hush now mind...I am not at peace but am in one piece
Hush now I may maintain this my physical piece

Who am I?...Mind I cannot answer your question
Who am I really?...Mind I only know who I should be
But who am I?...Mind it matters not who I am
Yes, but who am I?...Mind I will tell you this

Take a good look at my master and I...
In black and white, our true colours show
but only true is the reflection of the other

My master looks as I feel on the inside
The dull, the drab...
And I look as my master does to the world 
The magnificent, the great...

I am my master's pet...trained...controlled
And he is the world's pet...trained...controlled

Hush now mind...hush!
Do not ask that dreaded question
that which asks...Who am I?

By Olympia Tombe (Zimbabwe/Kenya)

picture source: Facebook - Scribbled Poetry Page