Saturday, 13 July 2013

In the melting pot of your words - The man and his habit

P. I. M. P!
I drink the finest
I pick the tightest
And I walk with the sweetest

They've made me. Pimp
They've known me for my prowess
They care less where I come from
So long as I gat the money

Now look at my head
all wrinkle in thought.
My eyes dilated in concentration
am thinking about Thatcher at home
My money is finished
meaning am finished

What am I gonna tell her this time?
Bah! These gals are killing me
Booze and smoking
Without a thought for my welfare

Am quitting help me God

I got a letter from a friend

A friend called Bad Habit:

"See me now, 
Feel me now, 
Believe me now, 
Don't just think of me now, 
Deal with me now, 

Not later when you are done enjoying me, 
For your chance is now, 
Rather do me now, 
If you really wanna deal with me, 
Let not your mind loose, 
Use a leash if you really wanna deal with me, 
Leave your emotions at bay, 
Bite the nail and deal with me now, 
If you really wanna deal with me, 
Let it be now, 
Not later
for later spells danger, 

Yours Deceitfully
Bad Habit"

My mind is a world of confusion 
My world is a mind of its own
These women are my body's slaves
Indeed these slaves are not women
They are but objects in my world

A world that I gently float in
A world that has captured my mind

I drink.....they drink.......
I smoke.....they drink......
And as they drink...I rise and rise
Rise above that which is real
Drift into that which is surreal

This world has no limitations.....
But strangely, this world has no depth...
Length and width are what feeds it
Length and width are what defines it

People with no depth...indeed they are not people
but objects...
Objects that have faded into the background
3D losing part of itself..... becoming 2D
people losing part of themselves
also becoming 2D.

By 'Kingdal Machiaveli Mufc', Teboho Mtabane, Olympia Tombe (Africa)

picture source: Scribbled Poetry Facebook Page

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