Thursday, 11 July 2013

Our paths

The locus of points on our paths
Does not follow a geometry predefined
But are instead
An intergration of different parabola

We do many things
Shade the areas under the curves
Differentiate the gradients of time

Look into the past
Try to predict the future
And solve for those variables
Both known and unknown

Life has set parameters
Maxima and minima integers
Our actions define the answers
We search
We try
Sometimes we fail

This mathematics called life
So complex like differential equations
We integrate and differentiate
Factor out failures
Factor in our successes

We hope to get the calculus right
Measure time as a linear dimension
Death is a dimensionless variable
But of magnitude that cannot be overlooked

Our paths intersect and cross
We meet and make influence
At times we are influenced
Much like resultant forces
Represented by vectors

Our thoughts shape our perceptions
Our actions define our character
We are an ambigious parable
With the meaning deeply rooted in us
Yet we spend our linear dimension
Defining things that do not matter
And when we reach maxima
We realise we wasted time.

By Pardon Gwara (Zimbabwe)

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