Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A sad ending (of a once beautiful beginning)

I embarked on a journey into the past
Trying to find that spot
Where our love turned into hatred

On my way there I met our smiles
I heard the sound of our laughter
Echoing through the past
I heard our whispers
And the happiness that we shared
I saw my Facebook wall
Painted with love writings from your
I read the passion locked in time
my inbox,
An encyclopedia of love it was
Thou hath made Shakespear jealous
By what thee wrote for me
I saw the tags
The moments that we trully smiled
The dreams that we shared
And the countless castles in the air

I wanted to remain locked in that past
I did not want to be reminded of the present
Where your feelings have become status updates
Where when you want to get to me
You post pictures of you and the new guy
Where it hurts to know
We are just drifters
Much like the arctic ice
Cold, and moving further apart

But in my journey to the past,
Maybe I was blind,
I did not see that point
Where caring turned into indifference
and love turned to hatred...
It's just a sad ending
of a story that was once beautiful.

By Pardon Gwara (Zimbabwe)

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  1. Poignantly sad piece, but it was cleverly written.