Sunday, 18 November 2012

Wipe your tears dry,my child...

From a distance so close,I see that look in your eye, I read in it,many sorrows unpublished. The many brine waters in it, profusely gushing out like violent ripples of the sea, recite the tales of misery,of your gradual emotional demise... This demise,so vile and callous as the Nile, as it swiftly sweeps everything in its' way. This abrupt end,brought about by your envious adversaries, with a burning passion to bring you down to ashes,your precious self... These,your foes,trembling and uneasy about your success, fear that which they cannot touch and have. I see you my child,wipe your tears dry...

I hear your call,your wailing I hear you search for me at night... Cry your heart out,cry because recompense,I shall give you Cry aloud,cry hysterically,because,to me,Child your cry is the cry of conquering the impossible your cry is the cry of emancipation,the liberty which you thirst for in anticipation like your next breath,breathe,breathe in the success which is at your disposal. Child of the Earth,Bossom of my existence, Jewel of my crown,Apple of my Eye Weep war no more,be jubilant forevermore! Wipe your eyes dry my child,heal your soul and let it be mild!
By Alex Nyasha Dube..(Zimbabwe)

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