Sunday, 18 November 2012

Lord of all creation...

Lord of faith,Lord of hope and love,
Lord who's glory gleams from above.
God who restores sight to see the light,
that shines on marvelous Earth so bright.

King of Kings who rules till tomorrow,
Rabbi of a heavenly realm of no sorrow.
True God who reigns from East to West,
genuine healer fervent than the rest.

His heavenly helm hails holy yonder,
hoisted higher to heights the eyes ponder.
Hark the herald the King dwells forever,
mark his emerald crown glows moreover.

Sing the hymn,hum to him,
sang to him the angels seem.
A chant to the blue skies aloud the seams,
allowed to worship he who rules the seas!

By Alex Nyasha Dube ( Zimbabwe )

artwork source: www.

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  1. Asihlabelele asihlabelele sibonge ophezu konke ophezu konke simdumise labangcwele ngokupheleleyo......beautiful piece frm Kris