Thursday, 1 November 2012


Shhh, listen my love to the wind
Hearken to her melody, the symphony of the night wind
A refrain that tells our story

One of our love, a beautiful history
Shhh, listen not with your ears
For it's a sound that only the heart hears

Look, beyond what the eyes can see
There, next to the southern star, do you see?
A story is written of two lovers
Born of thorns upon desert soil, cacti flowers
Written in the stars, of galaxies and comets
Brighter than the morning star, born of stardust and planets

Close your eyes, take a whiff
Go on, just a tiny sniff
Inhale that hint of vanilla, a delightful fragrance
A trace of potpourri, an air of jasmine, my what a heavenly fragrance
No cologne can compare
All the flowers of Eden combined in one, a scent so rare

Wait, don't open them just yet
Here, taste. I promise you won't regret
Drop of honey, dribble of caramel, nectar of the gods. It must be forbidden
Mmmm, tastes so good, makes you wonder why I kept it hidden
A kiss, a sigh an erratic heartbeat
These are its true ingredients, plus a touch of body heat

Now the final task
Let me teach you of our love, our feelings unmask
My silk scarlet scarf, your blindfold
Your hands to the bedpost, I bind. Your control I hold
Your mind my canvas, let me paint on it
Orange, red it's almost sunset. Look, do you see it?
Smell the ocean, hear the waves, feel the wind in your hair
Feel the grains of sand between your toes, conjure the picture if you dare

Hear the seagulls, taste that exotic drink
I am right beside you sharing that very drink
Anthill coloured skin, to touch it would be like playing a harp
Slowly drifting over it as you would the cords, covered in a lilac satin wrap
A matching bikini top making me seem like I am of the sea
Let's watch the sun unite with the sea

And now my love, I want you to feel
Light feather touches raising goose bumps on your skin
Soft butterfly kisses trailing every inch of your skin
Slowly, what started as a spark grows into a flame
A flame to a wild fire you cannot tame
Listen, look, smell, taste and feel
The five senses renewed. A world illusory yet so real.


By Subila Esperanza Chilupula  
 ( Zambia )

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