Thursday, 22 November 2012

Rhythm inside the Blues....

 Rhythm inside the blues, 
 more like when molten lava meets the ocean, 
 we were like a house on fire, 
 I were yours and you were mine, 
 all smiles when I think of you, 
 I felt weak on my knees when I heard your voice, 
 rhythm inside the blues it was, 

 But not quite as the day when we stood at the end of the aisle, 
 holding your hand, the connection that was, 
 more than physical it felt, 
 more like rhythm inside the blues it was, 
 what it was when you stood besides the bed, 
 awaiting the knot in our lives, 
 through the temporary pain we held hands as it arrived, 
 like two voices on stage, 
 our cries matched as it arrived, 
 the knot in our lives, 
 it was more like rhythm inside the blues 
 and joyful our hearts were filled, 

 But I guess like that one note that spoils the rhythm, 
 we have too many, 
 my cry have turned into a melodic rhythm to your ears, 
 like once the rhythm it was when we vowed "till death do us apart", 
 that shall be the only separation between us, 
 be a good father to my son..
 *she commits suiscide*

 By Teboho Joseph Mtabane   ( South Africa ) 


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