Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Few men left in this world......

There are few men left in this world but too many males,
Males who run from their children and hide behind tales,
Males who lie to be loved keep covering trails,
They neglect all their sons, leaving daughters with mums.

Who will father those children, if their own fathers run?
Who will marry those girls that they use and they shun?
These males are not men; real men have a plan,
You may run from your seed, but your judgment will come.

But these girls are not married; they’re just giving it up,
In the cars with those males and say they’re living it up,
Pastors preach about it but they giggle and laugh,
See reality unfold and turn from simple to tough.

You may think this enough, because I’m saying the truth,
But my mission in this industry is teaching the youth,
First I'm reading my books then am reaching the booth,
Hope at least one person will put this to use.

By Michael Mupotaringa (Zimbabwe )

Picture credits -www.facebook.com/afrofuture

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